Clayoquot Action

Get Wild!

This summer in Tofino, over 20 restaurants have pledged to serve only wild, not farmed salmon! You can learn more about the project and view the whole list of businesses at

Clayoquot Salmon Investigation

Clayoquot Action is monitoring salmon farm operations in Clayoquot Sound. As part of the program, we’re getting out in the field regularly. Check out this short trailer about CSI.

Wild Salmon Delegation to Norway

In 2016 Clayoquot Action travelled to Norway to put pressure on Norwegian salmon farming giant Cermaq. We delivered a clear message: get your polluting fish farms out of the pristine waters of Clayoquot Sound!
Read about it here.

Who’s knockin’?

Clayoquot Action volunteers have compiled an inventory of mineral tenures in Clayoquot Sound, to find out who has an interest in exploring for minerals here, and how serious they are about opening mines. This is the first step in developing a comprehensive community response to ensure that the ecological integrity of the region is not threatened by mining. Read the full report here.

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