Clayoquot Action

Clayoquot Action is a registered non-profit society.

RIGHTS & TITLE: Clayoquot Action recognises and supports the Indigenous Rights and Title of the Hesquiaht, Ahousaht, and Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations—stewards since time immemorial of the lands and waters now called Clayoquot Sound.


Clayoquot Action is a Tofino-based conservation society committed to protecting the biocultural diversity of Clayoquot Sound. Our goals are accomplished through public education, citizen research and monitoring, and advocacy. Clayoquot Action stands for democratic rights, indigenous rights and the rights of Mother Earth.


The Clayoquot Action vision is simple: to keep Clayoquot Sound clean and green for future generations, to preserve the diversity and integrity of the ecosystems, and to maintain and develop community and cultural richness.

The challenges facing the planet are interconnected—from the climate crisis and the extinction wave, to global market failure. Although these challenges are global by nature, the best place to bring about change is locally, at the community level.

It’s time to create a new story about the role that humans play on Earth, a story that shifts societal values from getting bigger to getting better, and promotes community and cooperation above competitive individualism. Humans must exercise our qualities of high intelligence, forward planning and moral judgment to create a cooperative and sustainable future for all.


Bonny Glambeck and Dan Lewis are lifelong activists, residing in Tofino for over 25 years. They are seasoned kayakers, having paddled much of the BC coast and trained hundreds of guides. Knowledgeable naturalists, they have worked in the bush of Clayoquot Sound as salmon and amphibian researchers.

When Bonny & Dan moved to Tofino they joined and helped build the fledging temperate rainforest movement. Their work culminated with the mass protests of Clayoquot Summer 1993, which were the largest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history and one of their proudest accomplishments.

The couple is renowned for delivering entertaining and inspiring slide shows based on their kayaking experiences, moving audiences from laughter to tears as they deliver a powerful and hopeful conservation message. They have traveled internationally to meet with corporate buyers of BC wood products, and more recently to meet with Cermaq in Norway.

With the risks posed by salmon farming in Clayoquot Sound, and the possibility of mining becoming a real threat, Dan and Bonny walked away from their company, Rainforest Kayak Adventures, to dedicate their energies to conservation advocacy, founding Clayoquot Action in 2013.

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